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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are students being made to take Chromebooks home? Why can't they leave them at school like they have with technology in the past?
The county has implemented Arctic Academy, which is a distance education program that allows for students to work during a snow day to count for up to 5 instructional days throughout the year. Lessons for all five days will be shared with students in each class once they receive their new Chromebooks; students will download all lessons to their devices so that WiFi will not be required to access materials at home. Students may turn in work from home, or they will be given class time to turn in work the next day that they return to school. Though WiFi is not necessary to complete activities, it is important that the Chromebook maintains an operating battery until a connection to WiFi is reestablished so that saved work is not lost. Students may also screenshot their work for back-up documentation.

Are safety procedures and controls in place to keep my student from accessing inappropriate sites?
Yes. The Chromebooks are configured to Monongalia County Schools settings. Therefore, no matter the WiFi connection, the same firewall settings will take effect on the Chromebooks at home. Additionally, only county-approved applications and games may be downloaded to the Chromebook. However, it is important for the parent/guardian to monitor student activity on an device. For more resources on how to monitor technology use, please visit Common Sense Media's parent resource page

My student's sibling is also receiving a Chromebook. Can they just share a device at home?
No. As the Acceptable Use Policiy states, students are only to use the Chromebook that is assigned to them. Not only is the individual responsible for that one device, but the Chromebooks default to each individual student's settings. 

Are students able to personalize their cases and devices? 
Yes. As long as all personaliziations are removeable and do not leave damage, students may add them to their cases and devices. All items in or on the case as well as the Chromebook may not be hard (i.e. buttons, pins, hard keychains, raised stickers) as these items often cause damage to the screen upon impact. Students may not apply stickers or tape to the Chromebook since they leaeve a residue. However, computer decals or contact paper are good alternatives. On decorative items for the cases may include: badges, ribbon, string. Decorative items for Chromebooks include: removeable decals or skins that do not involve the removal or casing or keys. 

My student is interested in buying accessories for the Chromebook. What model is it?

HP Chromebook 11 G5 (11.6" screen)
Adapter: AC 115/230V, 45 Watt

Please make sure that harder accessories such as USB mice, speakers, and headphones are carried sepearately, not in the Chromebook case. Any impact of these accessories on the device could cause damage.

Picture of Chromebook and adpater

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