Arctic Academy and Beyond!

Arctic Academy & Beyond!
This is the image for the news article titled Arctic Academy & Beyond!Please see the following information about the county's new Arctic Academy and Beyond (AA&B) program. Further down is a chart reviewing Suncrest Middle School's AA&B due dates and absences.

- What is an Arctic Academy Day?

o The Arctic Academy is designed for the purpose that students can continue to learn while at home through provided curriculum. Students are expected to participate in the Arctic Academy by completing all provided assignments.

o On an Arctic Academy day, students in grades 3-12 will complete assignments designed by Monongalia County educators that have been preloaded to their student Chromebooks. These assignments do not require internet for completion.

- Arctic Academy Expectations

o Approximately 20 minutes per class period (all classes enrolled in during current term) ** MHS letter approximately 40 minutes, work for classes of day missed (even/odd)

o Independent and review work

o All assignments turned in within (minimum of 2) days. Any assignments turned in after 3 days will be marked as missing.

o IEP and SAT accommodations will be addressed by the teachers

- Lesson format

o Downloaded using Chromebook during school day (Arctic Academy folder in Offline documents on Chromebook)

o Class/teacher specific method of distribution and turn in

o (School option: explain from where activities were shared in the event that it is not in offline folder)

- Communication

o School Messenger call will indicate that the day will be used for Arctic Academy

o Teachers will report to school and will respond to emails, Engrade messages, or Google Classroom requests to provide support for students during school hours.

o Due to the teachers’ Arctic Academy schedule, it may not be possible for immediate contact. To ensure contact, students should email or message teachers through Engrade.

o (For school personnel only: each school needs to develop a back-up plan for absent teachers. Suggestion: teacher email away message with back-up contact person. This info does not need to be in the parent letter, but does need to be communicated with staff.)

- Attendance (County standard wording)

o Attendance will be based upon the completion of Arctic Academy assignments and time spend completing them through provided Chromebooks. Monongalia County Schools recognizes the importance of the home and school connection and strongly encourages parents to become aware of and support Arctic Academy curriculum. This support is an essential ingredient of a student’s success.

Work turned in within 2 days

Day 1: by Jan 10

Day 2: by Jan 11

Work turned in within

3-5 days

Day 1: Jan 11 - Jan 16

Day 2: Jan 12 - Jan 17

Work turned in

after 5 days

Day 1: Starting Jan 17

Day 2: Starting Jan 18


Full credit

Follow late work policy (20%-20%-10%)

Mark as “M” until work is turned in

Mark work as “0”--may be turned in for a possibility of 50% until end of term


Marked Present

Marked Present

Marked Absent