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Homework Policy

Homework assignments supplement/enrich the standards that are being addressed within the classroom. Assigning homework is at discretion of each teacher. Students are expected to complete the homework assignments to the best of their ability and turn it in on time. If not turned in by the last day of that term, the assignment is zero credit.


Each grade level team has implemented a Late Work policy, as seen below:

6th grade:

There is a 10% deduction for any late work, regardless of how late the work is submitted. The maximum penalty will be 10%. 

7th grade:

There is a 20% deduction off starting a week after the due date. The deduction is increased to 50% off the last two weeks of the marking period. 

8th grade:

Any work submitted one day late to a week late will have a 20% deduction. Any assignments turned in over a week late will have a 50% deduction.


Suncrest Middle faculty and staff understand there may be extenuating circumstances that may prevent work being submitted in a timely manner. Please reach out to your teachers should situations occur and they will work with you.