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Carnegie Math

All students enrolled in Math 6, Math 7, and Math 8 are following a new math series through Carnegie Learning. You can learn more about it here

Within the book, Carnegie offers a family guide undera each chapter for parents/guardians to help students with their math work. Here are directions for your students to access those guides:


Instructions for students to access Family Guides and textbook pages in Carnegie Math:

  1. Log in to Carnegie Learning.
  2. In the dropdown menu, select your course that reads Student Edition (not Skills Practice). Click Go. You will be taken to your MSMS Course. 
    Picture of Textbook Steps
  3. Under Overview, select the Module that your class is currently in.
  4. Under the Module, Topics will appear. (Note that Topic 1 is automatically selected. You do not need to select it again. Clicking it again collapses the menu.)                       
    Picture of online textbook that corresponds with instructions
  5. When you choose a Topic, it will look like nothing happens. The page doesn't refresh. But scroll down! The material is there!



For accessing Family Guides:

  1. Scroll down under the Topic name. (Topic = book chapter)
  2. You should see an icon that reads Family Guide.
    Picture of the family guide icon (adult figures and a child figure)
  3. Click on this icon, and a PDF with the Topic's guide should appear.



For accessing book pages:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom until you see Lesson Resources. 
    Picture of online textbook that corresponds with instructions
  2. Click the Lesson that you're class is working on, and the PDF will appear.
  3. Click the print image in the upper right corner.